Paedophilia: Is social media and networking both a tool and a solution?

Paedophilia has been a problem from before the digital age, however, it has been argued that since the internet and social networking sites surfaced, paedophilia has become more accessible and achievable. Another argument suggests that the internet and social media has provided a solution to this problem, with police, agencies and even everyday people using the cyber world as a way to catch paedophiles. In this report I will be discussing whether it is a tool, a solution, or both and to what effect.   Continue reading


Social Media: Our New Detective in Police Investigation

Does social media help or hinder police investigations?

Whether we like it or not, we are in the digital generation. For many of us books and libraries have taken a back seat to internet sites such as Google and Wikipedia and electronic devices including Amazon’s kindle and Apple’s iBook. This digital generation also presents itself through the dominant use of social media, particularly across favourable networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We use these outlets to contact our friends, meet new ones, and find out the latest news and trends. But there is more to what social media offers. Continue reading