How long should my article be?

1500 words, plus research folder

What media should I include in my article?

Your article should use appropriate images, video and info-graphics. Used images should be visually appealing and of an appropriate size and quality. Use captions where appropriate and cite the image’s source.

Where can I find ‘rights-free’ images?

Use Google’s Search Tools to ensure your images are not subject to copyright. Other sources for rights-free images: http://search.creativecommons.org/

How should I use links and references?

Your article should contain links to referenced material both within the text and in a references section at the end. Keep links within the body text short and tidy, ensuring that links to external websites open in a new tab/window.

And what about my Author profile?

Use the Author page to include a short biography (50-70 words) about yourself and your interests, with a link to an individual social media profile (e.g. Twitter).

How can I use keywords effectively?

Be sure to include 5 ‘keyword’ tags in your article, and also to use keywords as follows:

Ensure however keywords fit naturally into the piece and are not overused.

How can I create ‘page jumps’ for my references?

‘Page jumps’ allow you to create links to your reference from within your article.


Any other tips?

Yes, make your article visually appealing considering the quality, alignment and spacing of images and other media, and also the position of quotes, etc.



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